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Ambitious and independent, we are changing the face of online diet-care and motivation, developing our own methods and tools. Over 2,000,000 users of our solutions is proof that they work.

We strongly believe that together we can change people’s lives for the better.
Wouldn’t you like to join our team, whose mission is “healthier & wiser”?

10 reasons why it's a good idea to join the team at DietLabs



We are independent and have a proven business model that allows us to finance ongoing operations and investment. We work to our own project, which we fully control.


You too can change the world

You will work on one project, whose development you can shape to a large degree. We welcome initiatives that improve DietLabs tools and processes.If you are an innovative spirit,
DietLabs is the place for you!


Mix and match

At DietLabs we fuse various professions, creating synergy, creative support and thinking outside the box. So working together with different sets of ideas brings untold benefits.


Mentor support

You have direct contact with the person supporting and supervising your work, and importantly – your development from day one.


Growth in the fast lane

We are growing in leaps and bounds, which is a great opportunity for promotion for you and of course, higher earnings and greater responsibility that goes with this.




Learn/ Discover a new language

We provide free tuition in foreign languages with a native speaker – not just English!


We pay for your healthy meals

We refund our daily healthy and appetising meal courtesy of catering – with a delicious selection every day. In addition, our diet-care department dishes up new ideas in the kitchen – someone has to eat these later on.


We share our knowledge

Our company stands for knowledge share and this is its culture. We have a library and subscriptions to specialist periodicals, as well as access to paid materials.


We invest in your education

We refund or contribute to the cost of education and training according to individual needs: from photography through to conferences for PHP programmers to Content Marketing, advertising in social media or sport diet-care.


A pleasant place to work

You will appreciate our good location in the centre of Poznań (5 minutes from Poznań Central railway station), peaceful surroundings (though we are in the CBD it is quiet and surrounded by parkland), as well as comfortable working environment. Team members who are remote working are given all the necessary support.