Why DietLabs pays for its employees everyday lunch and has many benefits as a result

If you could think about just one thing that always makes you happy, is it food?
Yep, I bet it is. And I know what you’re thinking: why should I make my employees happy and have no benefits from this while it’s us – employers – who run the market?
And with no shadow of a doubt, this is the narrow-minded way of thinking you should quickly get rid of! I will show you why.

  1. First of all, something that doesn’t have to be so obvious: when you provide catered food for your employees, you save more time. How much time are your employees wasting for using food delivery Apps, calling the restaurant or standing in a queue, choosing what to eat and finally, waiting for their order?I’m guessing, at least one hour. When the catering company brings food, everyone needs ‘just’ to eat the meal and it lasts a maximum 30 mins. So if you can save 30 minutes of yours’ employee time per day, five days a week, for 50 weeks a year, it adds up to 125 hours, which is the equivalent of approximately three weeks of full-time work. Don’t tell me it’s not worth it. For those of you who still are not convinced; how irritating is working in a place where various food deliveries come one at a time from different places, for different people? It’s extremely disrupting and disorganizes everyone’s work at the office. One catering means one stir, once a day. That’s it.
  2. Secondly, an employee that has eaten is a happy employee. That’s the rule: a satisfied employee has a higher productivity and… morale! Why is this so important for your company? Job satisfaction makes the worker more loyal to the place he works at and therefore – he isn’t looking for a new job with more benefits. What you should also notice is the fact that it’s very easy way to make your employees feel appreciated. It is one of Cialdini’s – the guru of persuasion – six rules: reciprocity. I provide free food but: knock, knock – I would like to get something back. As Brian Wansink, the director of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab once said: ‘Workplace satisfaction is so much higher if you eat with your colleagues’. And we know it first hand: it really does work.

  3. Another crucial thing that leads the company to success is – the team. And every person in the company has to have a good vibe with others. A joint meal is the best solution for people from other departments to finally meet in the rush of everyday tasks. While sitting at the same table and chatting, they get to know each other and make contact. This kind of inter-company networking can foster creativity and result in new ideas and solutions for your business.

  4. Moreover, this may be one of the main factors why the best talents choose your company not your competitor’s. Just imagine: every job offer looks the same. But there is this one aspect that, from the future employee’s point of view, allows him to save money and time. Plus, it gives plenty of food for thought.. Just think about it; which one would you choose? The answer is simple.
  5. Another pivotal thing is that everyone in the company gains healthy eating habits. And it’s you, who is responsible for this little ‘misdemeanour’. 😉 In our company not only the dietitians know what to eat, but everyone: Marketing, Development or IT Departments as well. Regular and healthy meals can boost your employees effectiveness at work and also – improve their health. Why exactly should you care about their health? It’s because when your worker is healthy, he doesn’t take sick leave which, voila, is the unseen, severe cost for your business. Even though DietLabs provides free medications and vitamins available for everyone, it’s because we strongly believe that it’s better to prevent, than cure.

Here, at DietLabs, we spent a lot of time looking for the appropriate catering. Believe me – it’s a hard nut to crack! We were testing different companies and finally we found the most suitable option for us. A place which provides fresh, healthy and good quality meals in relation to the price. We have just two options to choose per day: meat or vege. This is another tip: don’t give your workers too many options to choose from, they will be wondering for a long time! 😉

In our company everything spins around food. As we provide online dietary plans and motivation care, food is always subject number one for us. Our ability to eat, prepare and explore new food-tastes is just top-notch. That’s why every company event is an excellent occasion for our cooking & baking masters to prepare some healthy snacks, cakes, cookies, chocolate bars and so on. It’s not a burden for anyone, it’s a guilty pleasure.

And in the end, I have to confess something: yes, free lunches seem costly, but the truth is: they only seem. When you calculate it, you find out that not only Google or Facebook can afford free lunches for their employees, but you can as well.
It’s your choice but believe me: it’s definitely ‘food for thought’.
Why? Because it’s precious and abundant with benefits that can outweigh the expense.



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