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We develop and make available tools in diet-care and motivation to help replace bad habits with good ones, better ones – to help people make the right choices in their diet.

Joining skills in the areas of Internet technology, diet-care, psychology and marketing, DietLabs fulfils its mission to help people lead a healthier, wiser and happier life.

Did you know …

In the USA for every 100$ of Gross National Product, as much as 17.90$ is swallowed by health care and all aspects related to it. 80% of 17,90$ relates to expenses resulting from a bad diet.


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Helping our customers to lead a healthy and happy life is our success story and allows us to say that we are doing something good.

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By creating and sharing our Internet diet and motivation solutions, we help people change their habits and make wiser choices in their diet.

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We provide diet-care online, starting with the idea itself and the brand then IT development, and solutions as to diet and motivation. Finally there is marketing and sales.

By developing and introducing our online diet-care, we aim for a new, untapped source of income, as well as new consumers and the loyalty of existing ones.

We effectively link e-diet and e-commerce services, making available useful products from companies working with us in diet plans, healthy shopping lists, as well as dietary advice and building motivation.

We have created our own tools and methods for dieticians, providing a synergy between people and software.

We effectively link e-diet and e-commerce services, making new links for products in diet plans, healthy shopping lists and educational content.

Our History

DietLabs started in January 2014 as a project co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development. Already by September of 2014 we began to sell our services, believing that it would be best if our clients would put these to the test and give us some feedback.

Our initial aims were proven, for already from the second half of 2015 DietLabs is self-funding, covering its ongoing operations and investment from its own income.

Our main office is in a central part of Poznań – a city with a strong tradition of work to a high standard and one developing strongly in high tech.


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People in our team


Providing a good service results from effective project teams. Our teams are made up of a variety of specialists from internet and mobile technologies, diet-care, psychology, design, UX, marketing and project management.

Our team has brought together people from corporations, internet marketing agencies, start-ups and companies producing software.

Our rich and diverse experience translates into a unique mix of competencies responsible for cutting-edge ideas. As a result we offer unique solutions, financial ratio growth and market domination, as well as an excellent environment for growth.

If you are:

  • looking to develop your career in internet technologies, marketing or diet-care – go to the work with us section
  • interested in introducing our services and products onto overseas markets
  • part of, or the owner, of a company (food, diet supplements, chain store)looking for new market opportunities
  • an investor

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