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We make tools in diet-care, fitness & motivation. We help influencers unlock untapped revenue potential.


We are B2C (we have our own brands) & B2B (we build white label e-diet / e-fitness services with our framework).

Did you know that?

The diet & training apps made with influencers will earn in 2018 hundred of millions of dollars?

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We have developed a set of components (let’s name them building blocks) to easily make e-diets, e-fitness and motivation tool.

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We invent or create new diet formulas, training programs. We prepare content for our system, take care of marketing, sales and customers. We conduct research with universities on motivation and dieting.

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Helping our customers to lead a healthy and happy life is our success story and allows us to say that we are doing something good.

Our Success Story:
Diet & Training by Ann app

We have created and are constantly developing and supporting Anna Lewandowska’s application. We are proud of the fact that Anna Lewandowska has shown her belief in DietLabs and has chosen us to create Diet & Training by Ann.

Social Media following

Instagram: 2.5 mln
Fanpage: 1.4 mln
Blog visits 2017-2019: 8.8 mln

Anna Lewandowska is an promoter of a healthy lifestyle. She motivates millions of people.

by Stor9

Launch of the App:


Download of the App:

800 000+

Constant App development:

trainings module & vege diet

Our experience

We've achieved success. After a few years of work on diet & training applications, we know exactly what people need concerning diet and training programs. How to create, promote and increase sales of a diet and training application.


Project start






People in our team

We have answers to the following questions:


How to to lead a healthy and happy life

How to find a cheaper and better alternative for a face-2-face dietician & trainer


How to unlock untapped revenue potential and start selling e-diet subscriptions (influencers, publishers)

How to stand out from the crowd, make customers more loyal and be perceived more innovative and more friendly (commerce, chain of fitness centers, insurances)


Providing a good service results from effective project teams. Our teams are made up of a variety of specialists from internet and mobile technologies, diet-care, psychology, design, UX, marketing and project management.

Our team has brought together people from corporations, internet marketing agencies, start-ups, media and companies producing software. Our rich and diverse experience translates into a unique mix of competencies responsible for cutting-edge ideas. As a result we offer unique solutions, financial ratio growth and market domination, as well as an excellent environment for growth.

Research on motivation

We have been conducting research on motivation with SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities Warsaw.

Study research on our customers

Data analysis

Motivational tools

We are looking for:

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a partner / influencer

who has own engaged audiance (Instagram / Facebeook / YouTube / Snapchat etc.) and would like to use our technology, make a new e-diet, fitness brand and unlock untapped revenue potential.

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an investor

who will see great promise in our technology, help us to scale up through financial and competence support and / or can use our technology as part of a bigger project (e-health, insurance, e-commerce).

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new member of the team

that would like to build products and services that have an influence on health & wellbeing of more than hundreds of thousands people.

If you are:

  • looking to develop your career in internet technologies, marketing or diet-care – go to the work with us section
  • interested in introducing our services and products onto overseas markets
  • part of, or the owner, of a company (food, diet supplements, chain store)looking for new market opportunities
  • an investor

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